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What Horror Can Fallen Angels And Demons Bring

The term horror presents something that causes someone to feel painfully overtaken with terror and fright. For example, you witness a killing and see the mutilated corpse and you shrink back. This feeling can also be caused by very cruel forms of killing or experiences with the paranormal. Most sources say terror is a feeling of dread and anticipation that comes before the horror.

Fallen angels and dark demons are also ideas that people believe that bring horror. In this site, a description of fallen angels and demons will be presented.

Fallen angels also mean dark angels who deviated from the goodness of God. Many religions, mythologies and folklore are the source of many fallen angels and demons. These dark angels usually are called angels who fell from heaven and no longer have the grace of God. They are no longer accepted by the angels of heaven and they can never go back to heaven. Most fallen angels derive their names from ancient cultures and religious lore like in Babylon, Egypt and Assyria. Also from current religions like Christian, Jewish and Muslim. Meanings are given for every fallen angel name and they also have ranks. Names of angels have developed through centuries in meaning, spelling and use. Using an angel name can be done to invoke other angels. You can invoke either a good angel or a fallen angel by calling an angel name through a ritual. By doing this, the caster will have the opportunity to call a certain angel to help him with his need. If an angel is good his name usually ends with “-el” meaning yah or “of God.” Oftentimes, the suffix helps one to immediately identify which is a good angel or one who has fallen from God’s grace. Losing the grace of God does not mean fallen angels are powerless because in truth, they still have power. They have the ability to create horror with their powers.

To name some the following is a description of fallen angels and their demonic features.

Abaddon the destroyer is a chief of demons whose name means a place of destruction. The highest devil, Beelzebub, is also the Lord of the Flies and is known to be mean and insidious. Focalor, who has power over the winds and the sea, causes death by drowning by sinking ships. Forneus is a sea monster and is among the fallen angels with a high rank. Furcas is the fallen angel who looks like a cruel man with a long beard. A well-known fallen angel is Lucifer who is the Devil or Satan. Obyzouth is a female fallen angel who kills newborns and can cause stillbirths. Purah is one fallen angel who can cause forgetfulness and also the conjuring of the dead. Wormwood is a fallen angel who can cause gruesome plagues to happen on Earth. Not all of the fallen angels and demons were mentioned here but you can learn more through your research.

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