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Steps Involved In Pay Per Call Marketing.

One of the latest form of performance marketing which in which the advertisers have to pay the publisher or affiliate for generating calls is known as pay per call marketing.

Pay per call is like an advancement of pay per click and runs through the same principles. The main difference between the two is that in pay per click the business pays the advertisers when a potential customer links to their business website while in pay per call, the business pays the advertisers when the potential customer calls.

Basically, pay per call marketing operates through a pay per call lead generation. The system works in a way that the marketer receives a commission for any call lead they earn the business. There are a number of businesses that depend on this system to make their sales such as real estate agents, lawyers, insurance agents, dentists among other contactors.

Pay per call marketing operates in a very few steps. First, the advertiser will create a pay per call campaign which different publishers can apply for and select to track phone numbers. The selected publishers will the run a call-based campaign and when the potential customers see the numbers they will call it. The call will be traced to the publisher as each offer has a unique phone number and the marketing campaign and then directed to the advertiser. Finally, the publisher is paid for any successful call. The publisher will receive a commission on a call is the call takes a specific amount of time, if the date and time the customer calls is right, if the customer is within the region where the business operates and if the business is able to make a sale from the call. The benefits of pay per call marketing are enjoyed by all the involved parties who include advertiser, publisher and customer and the business.

By placing advertisements of the offer unique phone numbers on their website, app or on search engines and other traffic sources, a publisher can be able to generate more calls. The advertisements can also be made online on platforms such as Google, adwords and bing or on offline platforms such as TV, radio, newspaper and posters. Pay per call network creates a connection between advertisers and publishers.

The calls that a publisher receives from pay per call marketing are highly likely to be relevant to the business sales. Whether one is looking for a marketing strategy for a small or a large business, pay per call marketing will help them generate the expected results.

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