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How to Pick My Bible Verse of the Day

Life can be related to a journey and the miles to this journey are calculated in days. Each day or each mile comes with its own challenges and difficulties and there is need to understand fundamental ways through which one can maneuver past the day. It is through the word of God that one gets the right nm motivation and guidance that is enough to get them going. Seemingly, you will always have a wide array of options when it comes to choosing the bible verse for the day. However, many people are unable to choose the ideal bible verse for the day. There are so many people asking how they could choose their bible verse for the day. This has developed to become a worry amongst many people. Below are some fundamental tips to consider that will enable you select the best bible verse for a day.

First, there is need to know that a bible has a lot of topics that it handles and it’s ideal that you identify the areas that you need strengthening and motivation. For example, where you days are full of struggles, adversities and sufferings, you should consider getting bible verses from the books of Psalms and the book of Job as they will easily relate to your daily occurrences. Therefore, it deems fit that you acknowledge the topic that you need to cover.

There is need for consistency when determining the topic to handle and you should always make your daily bible verse plans in advance. Therefore, you should consider to have a weekly bible verse plans that are prepared during the weekend. In other words, you need to jot down seven bible verses and each verse is delegated for each day of the week. Ensure that all the verses are covering one topic so as to have consistency.

Another way that you could identify your daily or day to day bible verse is through using a devotional book or guide. There are so many publications and devotional books that you could embrace and that will avail a verse for a day. The books are planned on days and each day has a bible verse, a small elaboration through a case study. This overly helps you grasp and relate to the verse. There are churches and denominations which avail these devotional materials for free and they can be n monthly, quarterly or even yearly.

The last but not the least, you should consider using the futuristic technologies like the mobile apps and the internet to get your daily bible verse. For example, a lot of websites and apps have daily devotions and they avail a verse for each day. These sites and apps will always select a bible verse randomly.

The above facts will enable you choose the right daily bible verse for you. Through the bible verses, you will manage to stay positive and motivated throughout the journey. Therefore, be open minded and keen to grasp the message and apply it in your life.

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