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Types and Reasons for Wearing Personal Protective Equipment

Actually, safety is a major concern for both employers and employees. Lack of wearing PPE causes different accidents each year. This can be caused by the employer failing to get his employees right PPE clothing or ignorance from the workers themselves.

PPE is basically a type of protective material that is worn by workers in order to reduce the extent to which the employee is exposed to different work-related risks and hazards. Work-related hazards and accidents can occur due to different reasons like flying and falling objects. They can also occur due to chemical spillage or fire. There are different types of PPE clothing that can be worn by different workers. These protective address areas like.

a. Head protection.

This is one of the areas that protection addresses. The most common product is the hard hat. These are won by workers in a construction site. The main role is to provide protection against falling objects such as hammers, nails, and stones. The other role is to protect these workers from flying objects. Others will come with accessories like face shields and earmuffs.

b. Respiratory protective clothing.

This is another area that needs to well look at when providing protection for workers. Respiratory protection is provided to workers exposed to toxic and harmful substances. These are the substances like gases that have the ability to cause various respiratory problems when inhaled. The common respiratory protective include respirators as well as nose masks.

c. Hearing, face and eye protection.

You need to ensure eye, face and hearing protection are provided. Some of the common protective worn include safety goggles, face masks, face shields and general spectacles that are essential for the protection of eyes and face. These protective are ideal for workplaces characterized by flying objects.

In addition, hearing risks are avoided by wearing hearing protection equipment like earplugs and earmuffs. These are worn by people working in extremely noisy areas. When looking for these protective materials and products, it is important to check whether they have met industry safety regulations. This is the only way in which your safety is guaranteed. Quality product ensures your safety is not compromised.

d. Foot, hand and skin protection.

These are other areas that protection is provided for. Hand protection involves the use of different types of gloves. Different types of gloves are worn depending on the type of risk exposed to. For example, liquid and chemical-related risks require latex gloves protection. Cut resistant and rubber are worn by construction workers. Such specs are also during skin protection. However, for the foot protection, safety boots is the common foot protection clothing material worn.

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